capitalism cap‧i‧tal‧is‧m [ˈkæptl-ɪzm] noun [uncountable]
ECONOMICS a system of production and trade based on property and wealth being owned by private business and ordinary people, rather than the state:

• Sweden's `middle way' between communism and capitalism: a free-market economy committed to social justice

ˈcrony ˌcapitalism ECONOMICS
a situation that exists in some countries in which contracts, jobs, loans etc are unfairly given to the family and friends of government leaders or powerful business people:

• He accused the government of practising crony capitalism, enriching a few personal friends of the prime minister at the expense of the population as a whole.

ˌpopular ˈcapitalism ECONOMICS
when ordinary members of the public buy shares in companies:

• the wave of popular capitalism that spread through Britain in the 1980s

ˌstate ˈcapitalism ECONOMICS
a system of production and trade used in some socialist countries based on property and wealth being owned mostly by the government, but managed by private individuals.

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capitalism UK US /ˈkæpɪtəlɪzəm/ noun [U]
ECONOMICS, POLITICS the economic, political, and social system that is based on property, business, and industry being privately owned, and is directed towards making the greatest possible profits for private people and organizations: »

Under capitalism, people are motivated by the idea of personal profit and success.


The treaty was an attempt to strike a balance between free-market capitalism and the protection of the global environment.

See also CRONY CAPITALISM(Cf. ↑crony capitalism), POPULAR CAPITALISM(Cf. ↑popular capitalism), STATE CAPITALISM(Cf. ↑state capitalism)
Compare COMMUNISM(Cf. ↑communism)

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